Charlie Rides the Bus Home

 A little yellow schoolbus of a familiar sort pulled up in front of our house around 3.18pm yesterday. The door opened and I went and said hello to the driver and the bus aide and saw Charlie taking off his seatbelt.  It was his first day taking the bus home and it went well, aside … Continue reading

O New York Times

Autism: A Disease of the Rich? is the title of a New York Times Freakonomics blog post on this PLOS One study, Socioeconomic Inequality in the Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence from a U.S. Cross-Sectional Study.  Oh gawd. Sure, families with more economic resources are more likely to have access to doctors, school services, … Continue reading

Tallying Up

 Friday was a 7 to 7 kind of day. Charlie woke up at the completely reasonable time of 7am; did well at school (enjoying a trip to the library in the afternoon; doing good with the helmet fading program—he's been going without it for increasingly longer increments of time in the middle of the day); … Continue reading

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