When the iPad Flies (and I mean that literally)

The iPad certainly seems to have become The Hot Thing to have if there's someone on the autism spectrum in your household and, too, if you're a parent in general. Thanks to everyone for your stories and thoughts (and thanks of course to Shannon for her BlogHer article on her son Leo and the iPad). … Continue reading

Always With You (in traffic; with iPad)

Charlie and I left for school at the (much more reasonable time of) 7.50am on Thursday morning. This meant that we didn't have to go out of our way to kill any time as, the later we leave, the more traffic—in the form of cars gridlocked on streets not made for such—we run into. Charlie … Continue reading

A Happy First Day, a Little Buscapade, & Squeaking Up

Charlie and me at my parents' house circa 1999: Little did I know what I'd be called to do to make this world a good place for my little guy. Despite not going to sleep till around midnight on Sunday, Charlie's eyes were opened when I said good-bye to him at 6.35am Monday morning. Jim … Continue reading

Who Knew That Summer Vacation Could Actually Be So Good?

'Kathy!' said Charlie as we were driving out to New Jersey horse country yesterday morning.  'Thea Marilyn Flo!' All with a big smile. Those are the names of two teachers and classroom aides Charlie had some nine (nine, back in 2001), years ago, when we lived in a condo in central Jersey.  Miss Kathy's class … Continue reading

Next Thing You Know We’ll Be Going to the Mall

So as you may not remember, and as it's a bit hard for us not to remember while cringing, we spent a good part of the day after last Christmas (of Boxing Day, that is) in the ER after Charlie, whom we'd taken to the pediatrician's office due to an infected sore in his mouth, … Continue reading

It Changes Just When You’ve Accepted It Won’t

In a public restroom, I was waiting to wash my hands. There were two children at the sink, a boy and a girl, both dark-haired. An Indian woman was talking to the girl and waved her hand in front of the motion sensor on the paper towel dispenser, then handed the girl (whose hands were … Continue reading

17 Miles

17 miles, that is, on the bike trail in Jersey horse country yesterday morning for Jim and Charlie. I don't have a photo because I wasn't there, as I had gone into work for meetings and other getting the semester started sorts of business. Jim told me he and Charlie ended up extending their ride … Continue reading

Worry Beads, Wise Blood, Weirdness

Charlie got home from his last day of Extended School Year in a cheery mood. While Jim said thanks to the bus driver and aide and wished them a good vacation, Charlie went to the white car, opened the door to the back seat, and took out his things, his worry beads and tschotskes, little … Continue reading

Parents Get The Growing Pangs Too

Hard to read about the father of an autistic child getting punched by another customer in a Boynton Beach (FL) Olive Garden restaurant and not think, now who was displaying 'inappropriate behavior' here? Another thought comes to mind, though, which is how we now rarely eat in restaurants with Charlie. Once, we did so almost … Continue reading

We Came We Blogged We Talked (face to face)

20 years ago I took my first train ride into Manhattan. On reaching the city, as the train pulled out of the tunnel, I got a glimpse of buildings (tall, sooty brown and grime grey), a bit of sky, and the train tracks. Yesterday I saw that very same vista. 5 years ago I started … Continue reading

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