Pretty Okay: Few Words, Lots to Translate

Charlie woke up at 5.20am, showered, and came down the stairs exuberantly. It was ‘no’ to a walk and then he went to get his socks. Jim brought up the possibility of a bike ride; I pointed out that it was a bit early. Charlie (now besocked) returned back down the stairs and we asked … Continue reading

Another Stage on the Tour de Jersey

Sunday we ventured into Springsteen country for another 14-miler.   I’m getting sorely tempted to dub this summer’s staycation Charlie and Jim’s Excellent Adventure on the Tour de Jersey. Soundtrack: Charlie Parker, of course. (Sunday would have been his 90th birthday.) And some John Coltrane with A Love Supreme and My Favorite Things. And a … Continue reading

It Changes Just When You’ve Accepted It Won’t

In a public restroom, I was waiting to wash my hands. There were two children at the sink, a boy and a girl, both dark-haired. An Indian woman was talking to the girl and waved her hand in front of the motion sensor on the paper towel dispenser, then handed the girl (whose hands were … Continue reading

Just a Few Words, Lots of Action

Charlie's bus got here later today. Apparently there was an accident on the highway so that slowed things down. He was fine and had also had a good day at school. He and Jim went out for a bike ride as soon as Jim could get out the bikes and they'd just come back inside … Continue reading

Territory Band

No cars were moving more than a few inches at a time when we pulled onto the Garden State Parkway on Saturday at noon so Jim drew on his local knowledge of New Jersey roadways and we went from this 2-digit state road to a 1-digit state road (where we sighted a McDonalds whose PlayPlace … Continue reading

Transition Day

Tuesday was Transition Day with a capital T: It was Charlie's last day of being home on his week off between school ending and summer school/Extended School Year beginning and it was the last day of my parents' visit. He didn't ask to go to the ocean; on our visit Monday, I sensed that he … Continue reading

Charlie the Historian

 It may sound funny, but yesterday I realized that Charlie, like Jim, is a historian, constantly reflecting on the events of the past even while living in the present. He's not always or only 'living in the moment' and focused on only what's in front of him. Charlie generally lacks what you'd have to call 'consumer … Continue reading

Much To Talk About: Date #2

 Charlie began the long weekend by getting up at 5.30am and going (with the usual parental partnering) on a long walk. On returning, he headed straight for the backseat of the white car, having secured a jien duy my parents had sent in a box that had arrived on Thursday.  (Not that you're wondering, but … Continue reading

Quite Accommodating

The new little routine here for the past few days has been: Charlie has woken himself up between 7 and 7.30am, just enough time to wake up fully, get himself dressed (even showered!) and into the car. (In point of fact, yesterday he waited for us slowpoke parents to get ourselves and our things together.) … Continue reading


 So yesterday brought big news on the 'Vaccinegate' front, which you may read here on and also here.  Ok, next. To begin again: Yesterday I visited Charlie at the  Big Autism Center. At the end of the visit, as I walked out with his teacher, she told me that they think he's 'just a sweetheart.' … Continue reading

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