28 Mile Kind of Day

It was a 28 mile kind of day. 18 of those miles were done at a magnificent motoring-it-up pace on the Jersey horse country trail that I think has become Jim's and Charlie's favorite. And under a blazing hot sun. And after Charlie ran out of a gas station  convenience store as it didn't have … Continue reading

Late in the Season

We went to the beach yesterday, for the first time in almost one and a half weeks—a bit of a long hiatus for a beachy sort of family. We'd skipped going last weekend as there tends to be a lot of traffic on the Garden State Parkway on Saturday and Sunday mornings; while Jim knows … Continue reading

In Which I Follow Charlie’s Bus

Charlie has been doing really well taking the bus home. Last week we hadn't been able to follow the bus home as we'd asked about at 'bus prep' meeting so yesterday I decided I would do it. I had gone into my office in Jersey City for one last three-hour session with a student whom … Continue reading

Just a Few Words, Lots of Action

Charlie's bus got here later today. Apparently there was an accident on the highway so that slowed things down. He was fine and had also had a good day at school. He and Jim went out for a bike ride as soon as Jim could get out the bikes and they'd just come back inside … Continue reading

Digital Connections, Real Life, and Sunshine

I'm speaking on a show called Family Caregivers Unite! on Voice America online radio on the 3rd of August 2010, at 10am EST (that is, today!, depending on what time zone you're in and when you're reading this). The show is hosted (very graciously and kindly) by Dr. Gordon Atherley. Estée Klar of The Autism … Continue reading

Eyes On My Back

 It seems that I have acquired eyes on my back. Once upon a time, I used always to say that, for safety’s sake, I could never take my eyes off of Charlie, certainly when we where away from home at a store or other public place. If he wandered off, he wouldn’t realize that he … Continue reading

Kristina Mother

Well, what else would I be? I started teaching summer school yesterday: I'm co-teaching a class on ancient Greek drama with a friend who's an actor. We're teaching one of my favorite works of literature, Aeschylus' Oresteia and two comedies by Aristophanes, the Frogs and the Birds (which I'm also extremely fond of).  We got things … Continue reading


 Mothers of autistic children pay at work reads the headline of an article about a newly published study in the Social Science Journal. Washington State University Vancouver researchers studied 326 families in Washington and Oregon who had a child on the autism spectrum. The study found that ….. about half the women worked fewer hours to … Continue reading

A Farewell to Tragedy

 Yesterday morning I read my last exams and papers for the spring semester and posted my grades. I had taken the train in for a 9am exam and, as I walked down a cold and rainy JFK Boulevard, I thought about how, next fall semester, I'll only have to go in early twice a week, … Continue reading

And on we walked

Once again in the 'how Charlie motherhood has changed me' vein, which is pretty much a constant theme behind this blog: Monday was a day of teaching, teaching, talking and more teaching from 9 to 5, give or take a minute here and there. In Elementary Latin, we needed to finish going through all six … Continue reading

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