Episode on a New Jersey Island (or, why I never get around to reading novels these days)

(Cross-posted at We Go With Him) Waking from a long sleep has been known to render Charlie disoriented, out of sync. He woke at 7pm, wanted to go for a long bike ride on the Jersey horse trail, settled for a short one due to darkness, we thought we’d get his habitual burrito and then … Continue reading

Arrivals & Departures

My plane landed early in Newark Airport. Jim and Charlie and my parents had gone to Liberty State Park to ride bikes in what was bike ride #3 of the day: Jim had mentioned that Saturday I was coming home, whereupon Charlie started saying ‘Mom airplane’ and asking to go there right now that instant. … Continue reading

Over the George Washington Bridge

Bikes strapped to the car, we drove through the Meadowlands to Fort Lee in Bergen County, unloaded the bikes on River Road, and then Jim and Charlie rode over the George Washington Bridge. Jim had thought they'd just do the bridge and then return and then maybe we'd drive down to Liberty State Park in … Continue reading

A-bike and Aut

Charlie and Jim did 15 miles in 90 minutes on the D & R Canal in central Jersey, ending up at Lake Carnegie. I should note that—while these rides are a lot of fun, have played a huge role in allaying some of Charlie’s big-time behavior troubles, and, as far as we can tell, seem … Continue reading

Another Stage on the Tour de Jersey

Sunday we ventured into Springsteen country for another 14-miler.   I’m getting sorely tempted to dub this summer’s staycation Charlie and Jim’s Excellent Adventure on the Tour de Jersey. Soundtrack: Charlie Parker, of course. (Sunday would have been his 90th birthday.) And some John Coltrane with A Love Supreme and My Favorite Things. And a … Continue reading

Yes, Another Biking In New Jersey Post

Another day, another bike ride in another part of New Jersey. The ride started in Kevin Smith territory after we made, appropriately enough, a stop at a convenience store. We didn't stop at that store but at a very large branch of one of the two chains we often patronize. Charlie spent quite a bit … Continue reading

Biking in the Old Neighborhood

Charlie, and we, slept in Saturday morning. Jim and I were glad about this—Charlie has been maintaining what is pretty much his usual school wake-up time of 6.30-7.30am—but Charlie was unsettled. It was 'no' to a walk and 'no' to a bike ride and then Charlie saying 'I want diner' and 'I want [name of … Continue reading

Outside the Comfort Zone

It's turning into a Have Bike Rack Will Tour kind of summer for us. When we had a bike rack put on the back of the white car That Has An Unbelievable Amount of Miles On It For a Car That Is Not Yet One Year Old, Jim and I didn't fully realize that we … Continue reading

Incident, and Progress, Report

On average, 'incident reports' get sent home in Charlie's school communication book about two times per week. These offer a brief account of whatever happened, possible antecedents/reasons for the behavior ('not sure' is an option, and I'd rather that—sometimes we just can't figure out why Charlie does what he does), a description of the response, … Continue reading

Camp Charlie MMX, Day 1: Making Our Way

Day 1 of Camp Charlie (2010 version) got underway with Charlie in the white car at precisely 8.19am, which is precisely the time that Phil Schaap starts his Birdflight radio show. I set the timer for an hour so Jim and I could get ready ourselves ready and load up the bikes. We had planned … Continue reading

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