Don’t Let It Get You Down

I was going to write a post about the helmet. We're now dropping Charlie off to school in the morning and picking him up; if he rode the schoolbus, the school district insists that he wear the helmet. The helmet now resides strictly at the public middle school in our town. In the morning, Charlie's … Continue reading

A Small Lesson in Charlese (#571)

“Walk squishy ball yes!” Charlie and I had just gone on a walk to the train this afternoon and were waiting for Jim to come home—-why would Charlie want to go anywhere else, when “Dad’s coming home?” “Walk squishy ball.” “You can go walk in the driveway with the ball,” I said—-guessed, really. Charlie likes … Continue reading

Time Zone Travel (#559)

Tristate (#537)

A lot of help from our friends (2) (#424)

Phillies and New Hope (#404)

A Love Supreme (#368)

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