A Happy First Day, a Little Buscapade, & Squeaking Up

Charlie and me at my parents' house circa 1999: Little did I know what I'd be called to do to make this world a good place for my little guy. Despite not going to sleep till around midnight on Sunday, Charlie's eyes were opened when I said good-bye to him at 6.35am Monday morning. Jim … Continue reading

Will this be my last vaccine post ever?

One can only hope. Here's the post over Care2.com, Vaccines Don't Cause Autism, No They Don't.  

Parents Get The Growing Pangs Too

Hard to read about the father of an autistic child getting punched by another customer in a Boynton Beach (FL) Olive Garden restaurant and not think, now who was displaying 'inappropriate behavior' here? Another thought comes to mind, though, which is how we now rarely eat in restaurants with Charlie. Once, we did so almost … Continue reading

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: The Tether

The beach is one of the few places where we find ourselves simply standing and looking. Most of all we're looking at Charlie and calculating how soon it will be before he drifts towards the lifeguards' orange flag and we have to call on him to get out of the water, and point him towards … Continue reading

The Advocacy Habit

It has become a summer of carnivals and rides for us, it seems. Rather indulgent, perhaps, but Jim and I rather feel that we're making up for lost time, for the years when we didn't go to any of the many local fairs that seem to crop up in parking lots and grassy fields all … Continue reading

Mercury Rising; Magnificent Ride

So with the mercury rising up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or certainly feeling like it, plus it being nice and humid besides hot, Charlie handled a day off from school—very well. And we didn't even go to the ocean. Actually, it was better that we didn't go to the beach, having done so on both … Continue reading

Some Thoughts About Autism Research

The significance of Charlie standing by our front door, raring to go on an evening walk yesterday with Jim (it was raining; Charlie pulled on his hooded sweatshirt and handed Jim his) will be revealed towards the end of this post. First. A new study published in yesterday's Nature by researchers from the Autism Genome Project … Continue reading

More Autism Advocacy, Our Way

 I don't know about you, but I'm not at all sure what to make of the, um, scent of White Castle's contribution to autism advocacy, candles scented with eau de Slyder—de burger, that is—and packaged in a box made to look like a White Castle franchise; proceeds from the candles (10$ apiece) are to benefit … Continue reading

The Story on Tuesday

No, we did not play hookie from school and work and go to the beach on Tuesday! We went to the dentist: Charlie had an 8am appointment. (I just couldn't resist putting up another beach photo–indeed, a sweatshirt photo.) Charlie did really good (and the dentist is a champ himself); I'll have more to say about … Continue reading

You. Are. Here.

 In A Subarctic Autism Awareness Day Analogy,  Shannon proposes a "new and more appropriate geographic autism analogy" in lieu of Emily Perl Kingsley's Welcome to Holland. That essay, Shannon notes, was written for families with children with Down Syndrome; she proposes   Welcome to Yellowknife!  As Shannon writes: Receiving a child's autism diagnosis is like living in … Continue reading

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