‘Aut’ in the World

Wednesday was 5 walks, 3 longish (but not as long as yesterday's) car rides, and 1 bike ride. By mid-afternoon it was sunny and getting warmer. Charlie spent a lot of time standing around in our (small) front yard and just looking. At the passing cars and the passersby, some with strollers and a child … Continue reading

Yes We Are the Weird Ones

 Many of us who travel in what I've sometimes called Autismland know the story "Welcome to Holland." Raising an autistic child is compared to traveling to a country you didn't expect you'd end up in, and finding the experience, while different, highly worthwhile. Having thought you were going to Italy, you end up in Holland; you are … Continue reading


 Write a post on vaccines and get lotsa comments, and perhaps especially if you take the position that vaccines and autism aren't linked; that autism (in your family's case at any rate) is most likely genetic; and that all this attention, energy, doggone fixation on the vaccine topic has been highly successful at diverting the … Continue reading

Walk, Sprint, Run, Dash: We Do It Together

A good portion of our walks yesterday could more accurately have been titled dashes through the snow. There just seemed to be an endless store of pent-up energy in Charlie and running up and down the stairs in our house or in the L-shape of the kitchen through the dining room to the living room … Continue reading

Delayed Opening Can’t Get Us Down

I wrote about the retracted Lancet study by Wakefield et al. and about restraints and seclusion over at Care2.com   (though the latter post may not yet have been published when you read this the post is now up)—about two issues that have been something of long-time preoccupations with me, though not very willingly. Vaccines have usurped … Continue reading

One Way to Deal With Perseveration

 A local autism organization contacted me yesterday afternoon: Channel 2 was doing a story on vaccines and needed a "pro-vaccine" parent. Thinking about how, after stating that "more and more of the scientific evidence refutes a link between vaccines and autism," I was going to have to figure out how to say really really fast that "what … Continue reading

Haiti and Disability and How To Help

Via lagloria via Izzyland on Twitter, I read this article on autism in Haiti in Spectrum Magazine by Cris Italia. One commenter, a librarian at a school in New York, asked about contributing to an organization that helps children with disabilities; Italia notes that such information will be posted soon as it's found out. I'm still looking … Continue reading

In the Country of Difference

 "If you've met one autistic child, you've met one autistic child."  It's a statement that's totally impossible to disagree with. I've certainly said it, or variations thereof, time and time again in advocating for accommodations in the classroom, at the swimming pool. and elsewhere for Charlie.  Much as that statement rings true, I think there's … Continue reading

Yes He Knows (about those “hfa/lfa” terms)

Actions (like the Return of the Microwave; won't mention it again after this) can speak louder than words. But words can still wield a great deal of power, to get one thinking, to inspire, to hurt.  As an example in the latter category is this phrase that in the last paragraph of a November 11th … Continue reading

Back Into It All in New Jersey

Ngin Ngin's seven great-grandchildren—Charlie is the second youngest—were a big focus at her funeral. Five of them (the youngest is a toddler) all came up to the lectern at the funeral home and read a biography of her life. As I listened to them, I thought of what Charlie might have done had he been there: … Continue reading

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