Working the iPad: Stories2Learn and TapSpeakButton

First, a bus update. Still waiting to hear about a bus to take Charlie home. Yes, contacting the transportation department and the special ed director are on the Wednesday to-do list. On the longer term list has been, as I've from time to time mentioned, trying Charlie on some sort of augmentative communication device. We … Continue reading

Sensitive to Everything (2): Storminess, Medications, Change

Autistic children are slower to integrate multiple stimuli than same-age children whose development is more typical, according to a recently published study in Autism Research. Electrical activity in the brain was measured in 17 autistic children ages six to 16 and in 17 'typically developing' children while they watched a silent movie and were presented … Continue reading

Worry Beads, Wise Blood, Weirdness

Charlie got home from his last day of Extended School Year in a cheery mood. While Jim said thanks to the bus driver and aide and wished them a good vacation, Charlie went to the white car, opened the door to the back seat, and took out his things, his worry beads and tschotskes, little … Continue reading

Parents Get The Growing Pangs Too

Hard to read about the father of an autistic child getting punched by another customer in a Boynton Beach (FL) Olive Garden restaurant and not think, now who was displaying 'inappropriate behavior' here? Another thought comes to mind, though, which is how we now rarely eat in restaurants with Charlie. Once, we did so almost … Continue reading

The Advocacy Habit

It has become a summer of carnivals and rides for us, it seems. Rather indulgent, perhaps, but Jim and I rather feel that we're making up for lost time, for the years when we didn't go to any of the many local fairs that seem to crop up in parking lots and grassy fields all … Continue reading

Hypotonic No More

Thanks to Jill, Antonio DA, Barbara, and Melanie for your comments on Monday's post, Stick With It, in regard to the curious pattern in Charlie's learning: 'An initial big effort with a concerted output of energy, followed shortly by a request to be done with it, and now, and stated adamantly.'  Jill wrote referred to this pattern … Continue reading

Nothing Like the Real Thing

Yesterday I was reminded how far outside of mainstream popular culture is the world in which we live. I was at work, attending two presentations by guest lecturers. The first was on diseases of U.S. Presidents: Did health issues ranging from throat cancer (Ulysses S. Grant) to obesity and cancer of the mouth (William H. … Continue reading

The Day After the Big Day

 While Charlie's dental surgery went quite smoothly, and while he didn't have any nausea or dizziness from the anesthesia (he ate heartily once we were home—he'd not had anything to eat after 7pm on Wednesday night—and we went out for two walks round the neighborhood), there was the inevitable 'something'; an after-effect. He couldn't go … Continue reading


 It's been the worry that's ever on my mind as the parent of a child who, we realized early in his young life, will only be able to take care of himself to a (very) limited extent. Until Charlie was around 6 or 7,  I wasn't able to admit to myself that he would always … Continue reading

Slam Stomp & Bang

Slam. Slam slam. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Bang! These have become fairly routine noises in our house, and for good. They're all noises made by Charlie, slamming the microwave over or car doors, sometimes a couple of times in a row; jumping up and down in his second-floor bedroom; smacking a cabinet SHUT.  They're all … Continue reading

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