Episode on a New Jersey Island (or, why I never get around to reading novels these days)

(Cross-posted at We Go With Him) Waking from a long sleep has been known to render Charlie disoriented, out of sync. He woke at 7pm, wanted to go for a long bike ride on the Jersey horse trail, settled for a short one due to darkness, we thought we’d get his habitual burrito and then … Continue reading

A Lot Can Happen In a Little Bit of Time

The best way to describe Monday is through a timeline. 4am. Charlie wakes up. Showers, etc. 4.25am. Charlie asks for a walk. Jim suggests a bike ride; I point out that it is kind of early. I set this Giant Timer app on Charlie’s iPad—it is simplex elegans, a giant digital timer with neon  chartreuse … Continue reading

Pretty Okay: Few Words, Lots to Translate

Charlie woke up at 5.20am, showered, and came down the stairs exuberantly. It was ‘no’ to a walk and then he went to get his socks. Jim brought up the possibility of a bike ride; I pointed out that it was a bit early. Charlie (now besocked) returned back down the stairs and we asked … Continue reading

Superlative, Without Compare

It was towards the end of my Intermediate Latin class in the early afternoon on Friday and, with 15 minutes to go, I was going over the comparative and superlative of adjectives and adverbs—how one says 'longer/more long' and 'longest/most long' in Latin (longior, longius and longissimus, longissima, longissimum, if you'd like a little Latin … Continue reading

Morning Stars

Charlie woke up at 4am on Wednesday morning. By 5am he and I were out walking under the stars. I sighted Orion and the Big Dipper and thought how, six or so months ago when such early, early morning walks had become quite frequent, those constellations had been some 180 degrees elsewhere in the sky. … Continue reading

Rhetorical Questions, from Cicero to Charlie

The Twelve Tables, the Roman forum, and the finer points of litigation in ancient Rome are calling me tonight, plus I've got to write some sentences for a quiz on the Ablative Absolute and Indirect Statement for a Latin class. I don't think think I'm wrong to think that you might prefer to read yet another … Continue reading

Countdown Time To (Shhhh!) School

Not that you needed to know this, but this working the transition business can be taxing in all domains. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. In previous years, the transition back to school after the longer summer vacation has often been a time of 'outbursts,' 'explosions,' 'incidents' in our household. The last week preceding the return to school … Continue reading

The Day After the Big Day

 While Charlie's dental surgery went quite smoothly, and while he didn't have any nausea or dizziness from the anesthesia (he ate heartily once we were home—he'd not had anything to eat after 7pm on Wednesday night—and we went out for two walks round the neighborhood), there was the inevitable 'something'; an after-effect. He couldn't go … Continue reading

Master of Timing, & Timers

Today's title is brought to you courtesy of Jim, who uttered that very phrase about us three Tuesday at 4.55pm. That's the time that we had the good, or the bad (depending on how you look at it) fortune to get to the beach, just in time to see the lifeguards packing up. We hadn't … Continue reading

Siesta Time?

For the past two weeks, Charlie's been taking a late afternoon (5pm-ish) nap, after coming home from school, snacking, using the computer. We've been usually waking him (or trying to) after about an hour using 'natural noise' (turning on the radio, opening a window) and his iPod Touch timer. Even without these, Charlie generally only … Continue reading

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