The End of the Trail

Out on the bike trail in Jersey horse country (as in, where people have properties with super tasteful and extra large McMansions + an equally tasteful barn for the horse(s) ), there were no dogs. And the weather was so lovely, high 70s, not humid, with a steady, strong wind (courtesy of the now 100-miles-or-some-such-out-to-see … Continue reading

Working the Transition: Prepping Back to School with Bikes & iPad

Charlie will be back in school next Tuesday and Thursday he and I started working the transition in full force. I made a Back to School social story using Stories2Learn on Charlie’s iPad—my very nice aunts read this SFWeekly article about how the iPad has helped my friend Shannon‘s son Leo so much and decided … Continue reading

Sweat But No Tears

'Fitness buff.' Not a term I would have used about Charlie a year ago. Sure, he's been doing bike rides regularly since Jim took off his training wheels when Charlie was 6. But not for 20 miles (10 miles bike ride x 2) and not in 90 degree ++ temperatures. Certainly when Charlie was younger … Continue reading

90 to 50

Thursday morning at 2.30am we heard the unmistakable sound of Charlie stomping and then the unmistakable sound of the shower turning on. I got out of bed: Charlie always wants to get dressed following a shower and sure enough he asked for 'shirt! pants'. And then, 'bedtime.' All right with me. Back to sleep it … Continue reading

Monday, Very Much On the Move

 Charlie's waking hours on Monday began at 4am and ended around 10pm.  As you may imagine, there was a lot of activity (two and two-thirds long walks) during that time. Not to mention a good school day. And a speed racer speed sort of bike ride. And a tune-up for the white car (it does … Continue reading

In Motion: Charlie’s Way of Being

 If you asked me right now what Charlie's favorite thing to do is, I would have to say: Being in motion. Preferably out of doors, under the wide open sky (and the stars), with space all around him. On second thought, make that of necessity out of doors in the good old-fashioned fresh air. Charlie … Continue reading

Spring Break, Day 4: Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk

Walk #1. 7.30am. Charlie woke just before 7am and (as he usually does) got up, got himself dressed, ran clomping down the stairs with his stuff and opened the front door. Jim and I roused ourselves up post-haste and it was worth it as, instead of getting into the car and demanding that we drive … Continue reading

The March Rider Rides Again

 I guess spring, and warmer days, and blue skies, and bike rides, always do come again. It was 51 degrees (at least) Sunday. We knew there had to be a bike ride—would be a travesty not to. Charlie was "no bike ride no bike ride no bike ride" when Jim first mentioned this in the … Continue reading

Walk, Sprint, Run, Dash: We Do It Together

A good portion of our walks yesterday could more accurately have been titled dashes through the snow. There just seemed to be an endless store of pent-up energy in Charlie and running up and down the stairs in our house or in the L-shape of the kitchen through the dining room to the living room … Continue reading

Nine Miles: Going the Distance

Charlie woke up at 3.45am on Thursday. He did take himself back to bed around 5am after he'd gotten something to eat (i.e., an incredibly early breakfast) and we'd used the computer. But he didn't go back to sleep. By 6.30 he'd had enough of waiting around to get in the white car and a … Continue reading

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