The Purple Beads Story (on video)

Thank you to everyone for your good wishes about finding Charlie’s purple beads. Alas, the beads have yet to be found. As a result of which, Charlie and I didn’t set off for the Big Autism Center till 8.44am. School starts at 8.45am so we were a bit late.  Charlie had gotten up, showered, and … Continue reading

More Choices: When Beads Are Lost and Not Found

It was only after I uploaded today's 'daily (Charlie) photo' into my blogging platform that I saw, just to his left, the words on the advertisement: MORE CHOICES Something that Charlie could always use a few more of, whether in regard to expanding the foods he'll eat or the direction he'll ride his bike, or … Continue reading

When the iPad Flies (and I mean that literally)

The iPad certainly seems to have become The Hot Thing to have if there's someone on the autism spectrum in your household and, too, if you're a parent in general. Thanks to everyone for your stories and thoughts (and thanks of course to Shannon for her BlogHer article on her son Leo and the iPad). … Continue reading

Always With You (in traffic; with iPad)

Charlie and I left for school at the (much more reasonable time of) 7.50am on Thursday morning. This meant that we didn't have to go out of our way to kill any time as, the later we leave, the more traffic—in the form of cars gridlocked on streets not made for such—we run into. Charlie … Continue reading

Working the iPad: Stories2Learn and TapSpeakButton

First, a bus update. Still waiting to hear about a bus to take Charlie home. Yes, contacting the transportation department and the special ed director are on the Wednesday to-do list. On the longer term list has been, as I've from time to time mentioned, trying Charlie on some sort of augmentative communication device. We … Continue reading

Working the Transition: Prepping Back to School with Bikes & iPad

Charlie will be back in school next Tuesday and Thursday he and I started working the transition in full force. I made a Back to School social story using Stories2Learn on Charlie’s iPad—my very nice aunts read this SFWeekly article about how the iPad has helped my friend Shannon‘s son Leo so much and decided … Continue reading

It Is Raining

Charlie picked up the phrase 'raining'—sometimes he says 'it's raining' or (bonanza! a whole sentence) 'it is raining,' with a big accent on the 'rain' part, so the second part almost sounds like a separate word—-from watching a video on YouTube. Or maybe from two videos, one in which children put on raingear and got … Continue reading

On Photos, Pizza, and Keeping the Peace

Charlie came running up the stairs from the basement with a huge smile Saturday evening and something in his hand. I asked if I could take a look: In the past, when Charlie got hold of something he knew was meant to be kept from him, his response was 'no, no,' and he might get … Continue reading

Barney and Alphabert

The ocean was just as Charlie loves it yesterday: Active. The waves were rough with lots of foam, and big and trough-y, so you could see the water pulling up into a peak and then crashing down, but the crash came slowly and full of froth. Not the sort of water for babes-in-arms and excited … Continue reading

In Which We Rent a Cargo Van

 Because we've been wanting to bring the kayak back to the beach and, at one of his lectures about On the Irish Waterfront, Jim met a man who has a house down there and who very kindly said we could leave the kayak in his yard.  Due to the length and bulk of our kayak, … Continue reading

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