Carpe Diem Sive Pluat Sive Sit Sol

It was a rainy Sunday and we passed it quietly, around home. Still got in bike rides: Yes, different shirts; Jim and Charlie got semi-soaked on the first ride. It looked like the rain was letting up when they left, but……. it hadn't. Charlie has been a bit insistent about wearing that green shirt and … Continue reading

It Is Raining

Charlie picked up the phrase 'raining'—sometimes he says 'it's raining' or (bonanza! a whole sentence) 'it is raining,' with a big accent on the 'rain' part, so the second part almost sounds like a separate word—-from watching a video on YouTube. Or maybe from two videos, one in which children put on raingear and got … Continue reading

On Photos, Pizza, and Keeping the Peace

Charlie came running up the stairs from the basement with a huge smile Saturday evening and something in his hand. I asked if I could take a look: In the past, when Charlie got hold of something he knew was meant to be kept from him, his response was 'no, no,' and he might get … Continue reading

Navigating the Inbetween

After Saturday ending on a firework-y note, we stayed around home on Sunday.  The weather cooperated in this effort as it started to rain, quite heavily, in the morning. Charlie slept in till around 9am and was, understandably, tense and troubled-looking. Opening the door to reveal water gushing down from the sky did not exactly … Continue reading

Sweat But No Tears

'Fitness buff.' Not a term I would have used about Charlie a year ago. Sure, he's been doing bike rides regularly since Jim took off his training wheels when Charlie was 6. But not for 20 miles (10 miles bike ride x 2) and not in 90 degree ++ temperatures. Certainly when Charlie was younger … Continue reading

Bikram Yoga Can Wait

Well it finally happened. The newsworthy heat got to Charlie. School was pretty good Friday except for a brief period in the morning when (perhaps because someone else in his room was noisy) Charlie got upset, distraught.  He was fine as the day proceeded and went on the weekly grocery store outing with his class. … Continue reading

Can’t Beat the Heat So Just Join In

This summer of 2010 seeming very likely to be about to go down as the Hottest Ever Since They Started Keeping Records (at least so far for June), it's inevitable that I would post about it. Especially as I am, truth to tell, a heat wimp. By which I mean, even though my genetic make-up—southern Chinese … Continue reading

Hypotonic No More

Thanks to Jill, Antonio DA, Barbara, and Melanie for your comments on Monday's post, Stick With It, in regard to the curious pattern in Charlie's learning: 'An initial big effort with a concerted output of energy, followed shortly by a request to be done with it, and now, and stated adamantly.'  Jill wrote referred to this pattern … Continue reading

Sunshowers and Starlight

After a rainy beach Saturday, we went back down the Garden State Parkway just around noon on Sunday. The weather forecast promised sunshine and meteorologists were right. They just didn't mention that sometimes it would be raining—even pouring—at the same time as the sun was beaming down.  This happened both as we drove down and … Continue reading


 I have been feeling that if we can get through this week, we can start to enjoy the fact that it is summer a little. Charlie's dental surgery is scheduled for this Thursday at 7.30am; we have to be at the hospital at 6am. Getting him (and, um, us) through this—and pre- and post- surgery … Continue reading

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