‘Mexican,’ he said, and we delivered

I finished my essay and am in the midst of writing a short piece for something else—-Charlie went back to school after the holiday without fuss or muss; called, as usual, for two bike rides and a walk (the weather's been lovely and outside is the place to be); said 'Mexican' on his own so … Continue reading

History in the Biking

We got gas and went to the bank before getting an early lunch Thursday morning, and then Charlie—off from school for Rosh Hashanah (he'd indicated his awareness of this Wednesday night when he stayed up extra late; he wasn't perturbed when I wrote 'home for a holiday today' on his iPad using DoodleBuddy; I think … Continue reading

Nox et Lux

The carnival was very crowded, for Friday was the last night; I had time to get two (ridiculously overpriced) cans of diet Coke while Jim and Charlie stood in line. It was dark and everything was lit up and I was thankful Charlie was wearing an orange shirt, as this made it easy to spot … Continue reading


It's here! Gravity Pulls You In: Perspectives on Parenting Children on the Autism Spectrum, edited by Kyra Anderson and Vicki Forman, just published by Woodbine Press. And containing the writing of many parents, some of whom I've had the good fortune actually to meet and share a meal with (Vicki herself, Bruce Mills—we've met his … Continue reading

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I've been pulling out this piece of paper upon which Charlie wrote "can't find it" at intervals as we use the laptop. He's chiefly interested in going to YouTube.com or Google search to watch tv shows from his (gulp) early (Charlie will be thirteen in just about four months—oh, my, ……..) childhood, or to see … Continue reading

Haiti and Disability and How To Help

Via lagloria via Izzyland on Twitter, I read this article on autism in Haiti in Spectrum Magazine by Cris Italia. One commenter, a librarian at a school in New York, asked about contributing to an organization that helps children with disabilities; Italia notes that such information will be posted soon as it's found out. I'm still looking … Continue reading

So Very Much to Write About

Charlie does not have school today, Monday, the 18th of January. As I've regularly written before, no school for Charlie is usually cause for a lot of concern: While we're readying ourselves for some "no school anxiety," I wrote about Why I'm Glad My Son Has No School Today, on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, at Care2.com. Last weekend … Continue reading

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