When the iPad Flies (and I mean that literally)

The iPad certainly seems to have become The Hot Thing to have if there's someone on the autism spectrum in your household and, too, if you're a parent in general. Thanks to everyone for your stories and thoughts (and thanks of course to Shannon for her BlogHer article on her son Leo and the iPad). … Continue reading

Superlative, Without Compare

It was towards the end of my Intermediate Latin class in the early afternoon on Friday and, with 15 minutes to go, I was going over the comparative and superlative of adjectives and adverbs—how one says 'longer/more long' and 'longest/most long' in Latin (longior, longius and longissimus, longissima, longissimum, if you'd like a little Latin … Continue reading

Always With You (in traffic; with iPad)

Charlie and I left for school at the (much more reasonable time of) 7.50am on Thursday morning. This meant that we didn't have to go out of our way to kill any time as, the later we leave, the more traffic—in the form of cars gridlocked on streets not made for such—we run into. Charlie … Continue reading

Morning Stars

Charlie woke up at 4am on Wednesday morning. By 5am he and I were out walking under the stars. I sighted Orion and the Big Dipper and thought how, six or so months ago when such early, early morning walks had become quite frequent, those constellations had been some 180 degrees elsewhere in the sky. … Continue reading

Working the iPad: Stories2Learn and TapSpeakButton

First, a bus update. Still waiting to hear about a bus to take Charlie home. Yes, contacting the transportation department and the special ed director are on the Wednesday to-do list. On the longer term list has been, as I've from time to time mentioned, trying Charlie on some sort of augmentative communication device. We … Continue reading

Rhetorical Questions, from Cicero to Charlie

The Twelve Tables, the Roman forum, and the finer points of litigation in ancient Rome are calling me tonight, plus I've got to write some sentences for a quiz on the Ablative Absolute and Indirect Statement for a Latin class. I don't think think I'm wrong to think that you might prefer to read yet another … Continue reading

Carpe Diem Sive Pluat Sive Sit Sol

It was a rainy Sunday and we passed it quietly, around home. Still got in bike rides: Yes, different shirts; Jim and Charlie got semi-soaked on the first ride. It looked like the rain was letting up when they left, but……. it hadn't. Charlie has been a bit insistent about wearing that green shirt and … Continue reading

Preventative Measures

Before heading out to the New Jersey horse country bike path, we stopped to at a gas station to put air in in the bikes's tires. As Jim did this, I was idly looking around and noted the license plate on a woman's car: CUREFRK As in, 'cure freak'—someone who is a freak about a … Continue reading

‘Mexican,’ he said, and we delivered

I finished my essay and am in the midst of writing a short piece for something else—-Charlie went back to school after the holiday without fuss or muss; called, as usual, for two bike rides and a walk (the weather's been lovely and outside is the place to be); said 'Mexican' on his own so … Continue reading

History in the Biking

We got gas and went to the bank before getting an early lunch Thursday morning, and then Charlie—off from school for Rosh Hashanah (he'd indicated his awareness of this Wednesday night when he stayed up extra late; he wasn't perturbed when I wrote 'home for a holiday today' on his iPad using DoodleBuddy; I think … Continue reading

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