Each and Every Moment

Clearly I need to work on Charlie and me standing next to each other (as in days gone past). In looking over my posts, I seem to have been posting photos of Charlie riding his bike, and Charlie getting ready to ride his bike, and Charlie riding his bike with Jim, and Charlie riding his … Continue reading

Doughnut Burger

This post is going to be a jumble-potpourri-mishmash of things (sort of like this doughnut burger, hence the title) because too many things are on my mind at the moment. 1) We don't know if Charlie is going to have yet another snow day Tuesday. No word yet from his school as I type this … Continue reading

I Visit the BAC

I went to visit Charlie at the Big Autism Center on Friday morning. His teacher had first planned on asking me to come at 10.30 am but then (as she told me in a phone call) it occurred to her that I'd drop Charlie off at 8.45 and have to drive home and turn around. … Continue reading

53. Conflicts of Interest: public school autism programs and “the system”

The use of the helmet and of restraints on Charlie, and the inconsistent reporting to us about these, raise serious ethical questions about the treatment of students in an autism/ABA program in a public middle school in New Jersey. But it's not only the autistic students who are being compromised by unethical practices. The way in which the autism program … Continue reading

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