In the summer of 2001, we were walking on the beach when we met a man and a boy boogie-boarding in the waves. Charlie was four years old and absolutely fascinated by the ocean, which he clamored to be brought to in our arms or (preferably) on Jim's back. If not in the water, Charlie … Continue reading

Waterfront Views

Saturday wasn't a day of rest but we did remain pretty much around our house, walking morning (6.30am), noonish, and night (/evening) with a mid-morning bike ride thrown in for good measure and some bouts of computer-using and car-sitting, once with a container of vanilla Soy Delicious 'soy cream' and both times with Charlie himself … Continue reading

Much To Talk About: Date #2

 Charlie began the long weekend by getting up at 5.30am and going (with the usual parental partnering) on a long walk. On returning, he headed straight for the backseat of the white car, having secured a jien duy my parents had sent in a box that had arrived on Thursday.  (Not that you're wondering, but … Continue reading


'Yes Blake yes Lou yes Tara yes…… ' Charlie has been saying this phrase over and over, of late. He often punctuates his statement (said spontaneously by him) by stopping short if he's walking and, too, by holding his arms stiffly and, sometimes, pointing. I don't quite know what it all means. I do think … Continue reading

A Good News Post (or, we sure live near a lot of grocery stores)

 Today's post brings good news. !!!!! Although, Wednesday didn't start in such an exuberant YAY! fashion. Having written about what a great job Charlie was doing not over-stuffing the backseat of the white car with stuff what did I see when, at 7.30am on Wednesday, I peered into the backseat but five blankets, all balled up … Continue reading

Quite Accommodating

The new little routine here for the past few days has been: Charlie has woken himself up between 7 and 7.30am, just enough time to wake up fully, get himself dressed (even showered!) and into the car. (In point of fact, yesterday he waited for us slowpoke parents to get ourselves and our things together.) … Continue reading


 So yesterday brought big news on the 'Vaccinegate' front, which you may read here on and also here.  Ok, next. To begin again: Yesterday I visited Charlie at the  Big Autism Center. At the end of the visit, as I walked out with his teacher, she told me that they think he's 'just a sweetheart.' … Continue reading


 At Charlie's spring concert last Wednesday, one of the classes of high school students sang the first verse from 'Camelot,' the Lerner and Loewe musical that is sometimes (accurately or not) seen as a symbol of John F. Kennedy's presidency; of what might have been achieved. The first student who performed did most of the first … Continue reading

Quite Sociable, If I Don’t Say So Myself

Yet another shocker post today. After a full Saturday of walking (x 2), bike riding (x 2), grading (Jim), hauling branches to the town recycling center (Jim), speed grocery shopping (me), we went to have dinner at a friends' house. We'd been to visit these friends back in November. We had predicted that Charlie would … Continue reading

Friday Date

The topic of this post is a potential real shocker: Jim and I went on a date. (Woo-hoo!) Seriously. It's been quite awhile since we've done so. As Charlie has gotten older and especially as he's had an upsurge in 'challenging behaviors' in the past two years since he entered puberty at the age of … Continue reading

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