A-bike and Aut

Charlie and Jim did 15 miles in 90 minutes on the D & R Canal in central Jersey, ending up at Lake Carnegie. I should note that—while these rides are a lot of fun, have played a huge role in allaying some of Charlie’s big-time behavior troubles, and, as far as we can tell, seem … Continue reading

Will this be my last vaccine post ever?

One can only hope. Here's the post over Care2.com, Vaccines Don't Cause Autism, No They Don't.  

Another Stage on the Tour de Jersey

Sunday we ventured into Springsteen country for another 14-miler.   I’m getting sorely tempted to dub this summer’s staycation Charlie and Jim’s Excellent Adventure on the Tour de Jersey. Soundtrack: Charlie Parker, of course. (Sunday would have been his 90th birthday.) And some John Coltrane with A Love Supreme and My Favorite Things. And a … Continue reading

It Changes Just When You’ve Accepted It Won’t

In a public restroom, I was waiting to wash my hands. There were two children at the sink, a boy and a girl, both dark-haired. An Indian woman was talking to the girl and waved her hand in front of the motion sensor on the paper towel dispenser, then handed the girl (whose hands were … Continue reading

23 Miles. Yes It’s Charlie’s Longest Bike Ride Yet

Jim and Charlie went for a 23-mile bike ride today in New Jersey horse country (they even had to stop for some horses). No photo as I was at work teaching my 4-in-a-row. Actually, they could have done 24 miles—it was just one more mile to the end of the trail—but, as Jim noted, Charlie seemed … Continue reading

Late in the Season

We went to the beach yesterday, for the first time in almost one and a half weeks—a bit of a long hiatus for a beachy sort of family. We'd skipped going last weekend as there tends to be a lot of traffic on the Garden State Parkway on Saturday and Sunday mornings; while Jim knows … Continue reading

Yes, Another Biking In New Jersey Post

Another day, another bike ride in another part of New Jersey. The ride started in Kevin Smith territory after we made, appropriately enough, a stop at a convenience store. We didn't stop at that store but at a very large branch of one of the two chains we often patronize. Charlie spent quite a bit … Continue reading

17 Miles

17 miles, that is, on the bike trail in Jersey horse country yesterday morning for Jim and Charlie. I don't have a photo because I wasn't there, as I had gone into work for meetings and other getting the semester started sorts of business. Jim told me he and Charlie ended up extending their ride … Continue reading

It Is Raining

Charlie picked up the phrase 'raining'—sometimes he says 'it's raining' or (bonanza! a whole sentence) 'it is raining,' with a big accent on the 'rain' part, so the second part almost sounds like a separate word—-from watching a video on YouTube. Or maybe from two videos, one in which children put on raingear and got … Continue reading

On Photos, Pizza, and Keeping the Peace

Charlie came running up the stairs from the basement with a huge smile Saturday evening and something in his hand. I asked if I could take a look: In the past, when Charlie got hold of something he knew was meant to be kept from him, his response was 'no, no,' and he might get … Continue reading

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